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Vitamin XP - The Rainbow Bar & Grill


Being booked to photograph Vitamin XP for their gig at The Rainbow is an event that I will never forget. It was my first time visiting the venue and I am lucky to have been there photoshooting this duo performing their set.

Their dark and slow grungey tones filled the room and demanded attention from those present. Little did I know at the time that this band would then ask me to join as their bassist when I expressed that besides being a photographer, I am also a musician.

This photoshoot is an example of the ways that photography has continued to open more artistic opportunities for me as a creative artist. Additionally, joining this band led me to forming a meaningful and deep bond with my bandmates, nurturing both my self-expression and heart, and fostering a deeper connection with myself.

We went on to write and record a studio album in the following year and had alot of fun doing it.

Listen to the album we wrote and recorded together below called Not of This World, in which I play the bass.

I'll be sharing more blogs & photo albums from our rehearsal sessions, recording days, and our music videos. Stay tuned for more stories like this! :)

B. Chivi

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