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B. CHIVI PHOTO Magazine Features

Every day, I'm thankful for my new viewers and readers who appreciate my art and photography.

First Magazine Feature:

Last summer, I was contacted by the SD Voyager Magazine Editorial Team interested in featuring me in their magazine. I was shocked and amazed by the opportunity, and I am still thankful for this wonderful chance to expand my horizons and my audience.

They asked me a couple of interview questions for their series called Inspiring Stories, in which they got to know me and my work. The feature aims to support local artists and inspiring stories from artists like me. You can read my feature with SD Voyager Magazine by following the link in the button below.

Second Magazine Feature:

This year, I have been so lucky to be contacted by the editorial team at Shoutout SoCal. They have seen my work and asked me to do an interview with them to be featured in their upcoming magazine series called Shoutout. I immediately jumped on that opportunity and am so grateful for another published feature that showcases my latest work, my inspiration, and gave me a platform to say thank you to those special people in my life who make up my support system.

Check out my latest feature, by clicking the button below.

Thanks for reading!


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